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LETTER: Tobacco controls working

This story addresses the topics of illegal tobacco and new regulations under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, starting January 2015, without recognizing that tobacco use still remains the greatest cause of preventable death and disease in Simcoe Muskoka and Ontario.

The Ontario Convenience Store Association's (OCSA) position on tobacco ignores the terrible price paid by its many customers who are addicted to cigarettes and other forms of tobacco.

The OCSA also disregards the significant progress Ontario has made in lowering the provincial smoking rate since the Smoke-Free Ontario strategy was adopted in 2005.

The province's comprehensive approach to tobacco control, focusing on smoking cessation, prevention of smoking initiation and protection from second-hand smoke, has resulted in the second-lowest smoking rate in Canada, after British Columbia.

The latest regulations and proposed amendments under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act continue the public health leadership and foresight that have made this province's approach to tobacco a model throughout North America.

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