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Clay County Officials Vote to be Tobacco Free

Tobacco-free is the way in Clay county, Minnesota after the county board voted unanimously Tuesday. You may no longer use tobacco product on county property outside the courthouse, family service center and motor vehicle building. The new ordinance will go into effect April of 2015.

The county tobacco ban will prohibit the use of tobacco products on all county properties and county vehicles. It will also ban littering of tobacco trash.

County officials say there are an array of reasons why they passed this new policy and one reason was to be a support system to those trying to quit.

"We have an environment that is making it easy for somebody to go outside or are if they're triggered by seeing someone else smoking and they will go out and smoke. We want to make sure we have an environment that is supportive for those who do want to quit," said Clay County Public Health Tobacco Coordinator Keely Ihry.

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