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Communities cracking down on tobacco use

Starting Jan. 1, if someone in Ashland wants to buy an e-cigarette or a flavored tobacco product, that person will have to drive to neighboring Framingham, provided he or she is over age 21.

These regulations are part of a statewide effort to curb tobacco and nicotine use among young people. More than 1 million residents across the state must be over 21 to buy tobacco in their hometowns, according to the Massachusetts Municipal Association.

“Our main concern is to not have kids pick up the habit,” said Medway Health Agent Stephanie Bacon. Medway raised the minimum age in September to 21 for the purchase of tobacco or other nicotine delivery products.

Ashland and Hudson also raised the minimum age to 21 this year. Framingham and Wayland will raise their minimum age in 2015. Sudbury raised the age to 19 this year.

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