viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2014 – 3 de diciembre de 2014 – EEUU

Tobacco Coalition Updates Tobacco Free Signs

Tuesday morning, Sutherland Public Schools put up the new signs that the Community Connections Tobacco Free Lincoln County Coalition provided.

They were updated to include e–cigarettes and tobacco look–alike products.

"Social norms have changed and people are becoming more aware of the concerns with second hand smoke and the concerns about the messages that we send regarding other products as well. We don't want anything related to tobacco to make tobacco look attractive or normal and that is something tobacco companies want to do," said Community Connections Tobacco Free Lincoln County Coalition Coalition Coordinator, George Haws.

"We get the information when they are young and we try to push it all through high school. We can't control kids, but we want to give them the best message we can on what is right and what is good for themselves," said Sutherland Public Schools Middle and High School Principal, Dustin Mitchell.

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