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WHO: 'China faces growing public health crisis from tobacco use'

DW: Is tobacco consumption in China leading to a public health crisis?

Bernhard Schwartlaender: Tobacco use is a major public health problem in China. China is the world's largest producer and consumer of tobacco products: there are more than 300 million smokers in the country. Currently, about three out of every 10 adults in China (28 percent) smoke tobacco products, including more than half of all adult men. Approximately one million deaths every year – or 3000 deaths each day – are caused by tobacco smoking. In addition, over 700 million people are routinely exposed to second-hand smoke, which kills approximately 100,000 people every year.

What impact is the increased consumption of tobacco having on Chinese society?

The tobacco epidemic in China will cause devastating costs for the health system, economy, and China's society more broadly. If the prevalence of tobacco use in China is not reduced, the number of tobacco-related deaths every year in China will increase to three million by 2050.

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