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Health risks of illicit tobacco products

A WIGAN health expert has issued a stark warning on the risks of youngsters taking up smoking following a worrying counterfeit tobacco find.

Last month a borough chip shop was found to have been selling fake cigarettes to teenagers, for as little as 20p each if the youngsters could not afford a full pack.

Professor Kate Ardern, Wigan’s director of public health, said young people need to be aware of the dangers of addiction, whether it be from legal or illegal tobacco products.

She told the Evening Post: “It may be overlooked by youngsters but they are developing a nicotine addiction straightaway by smoking.

“And the health risks are not something that will affect them in later life, we’re talking about people in their 20s and 30s with cardiovascular disease and at greater risk of many forms of cancer.

“The added impact of illegal cigarettes is that we simply don’t know what other harmful chemicals are in there.

“We are making real progress with adult smoking rates in the borough, we want to support the next generation as well.”

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