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Tobacco look-alikes are not welcome
The North Platte Public School district in March approved a policy prohibiting tobacco products, e-cigarettes, tobacco product look-alikes and products intended to replicate tobacco products by appearance or effect on any district school property.

New signs are appearing to capture the changes that have been made to the policies.

Examples of tobacco look-alikes include candy that is shaped like cigarettes and jerky or bubble gum that is packaged to look like chewing tobacco.

The new signs were provided by Community Connections Tobacco Free Lincoln County Coalition. George Haws, coalition coordinator, said there are a number of reasons for schools to prohibit tobacco look-alikes and electronic cigarettes.

“Tobacco look-alike products glamorize tobacco use and can be appealing to youth,” Haws said in a press release. “And when e-cigarettes are used in public, the similarity with conventional cigarettes can normalizes smoking behavior.”

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