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McLaren Port Huron won’t hire tobacco users starting Jan. 1

The campaign against tobacco use is merging into the hiring process at McLaren Port Huron.

The hospital said Wednesday that, starting Jan. 1, it won’t hire people who use nicotine.

Ginger VanNuck, hospital spokeswoman, said the decision was made to create a healthier environment for the hospital’s caregivers, patients and visitors.

McLaren Port Huron, at 1221 Pine Grove Ave., already conducts a drug-testing panel for its employees during the pre-employment process. It will add a test to detect the presence of nicotine.

“Following the conditional offer of hire, an employee will be tested during the drug test,” VanNuck said. “The offer will be rescinded if nicotine is found. Those who test positive may quit smoking and reapply in six months.”

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