miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2014 – 21 de Octubre de 2014 – Uruguay

Big Tobacco puts countries on trial as concerns over TTIP deals mount

Tiny Uruguay may not seem a likely front line in the war of the quit smoking brigade against Big Tobacco.

But the Latin American country has unwittingly found itself not just in the thick of that battle, but in the middle of an even bigger fight – that of the rising opposition to international free trade deals.

Philip Morris is suing Uruguay for increasing the size of the health warnings on cigarette packs, and for clamping down on tobacco companies’ use of sub-brands like Marlboro “Lights” which could give the impression some cigarettes are safe to smoke.

The tobacco behemoth is taking its legal action under the terms of a bilateral trade agreement between Switzerland – where it relatively recently moved from the US – and Uruguay. The trade deal has at its heart a provision allowing Swiss multinationals the right to sue the Uruguayan people if they bring in legislation that will damage their profits.

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