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Anti-tobacco lobby herald price hike

A packet of cigarettes will cost €10 from today in a move welcomed by anti-tobacco campaigners.

Finance Minister Michael Noonan announced a hike of 40c on a packet of 20 cigarettes, while a 25g packet of roll-your-own tobacco will increase by 20c. The changes mean the cost of a pack of cigarettes will break the €10 barrier for the first time.

Almost 80% of the €10 paid for a box of cigarettes goes directly to the State through Vat and excise duty.

Kathleen O’Meara of the Irish Cancer Society welcomed the price hikes, saying higher tobacco prices will act as a disincentive for children to start smoking and will encourage smokers to quit.

“It sends a strong signal to the tobacco industry that the Government is serious about reaching its target of a smoke-free Ireland by 2025. The price hike will encourage people to stop smoking and ultimately save lives,” she said.

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