jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014 – 29 de Octubre de 2014 – Australia

Smoking in Offices Banned by Camel Cigarette Maker

The maker of Camel cigarettes, Reynolds American Inc, has confirmed that it has now banned smoking from its offices and buildings.

All employees at the firm – which is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina – have been informed that the use of traditional cigarettes, cigars or pipes will no longer be permitted while sitting at their desks or in the conference rooms, hallways and elevators of the building.

Coming into force as of next year, the ban will see smokers required to use the designated smoking rooms if they wish to light up inside. Otherwise, they may go outside to smoke. The ban has already been implemented in the firm’s fitness centre, eating areas and on factory floors.

A spokesman for Reynolds American Inc, which is the second largest tobacco company in the US, said that the new policies “will better accommodate both non-smokers and smokers who work in and visit our facilities”.

David Howard added: “We’re just better aligning our tobacco use policies with the realities of what you’re seeing in society today.”

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