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SU moves forward with plans to implement tobacco-free campus policy next summer

Syracuse University is quitting smoking.

After nearly a decade of research, public debate and coordination, SU is planning to go smoke-free, with a campus-wide tobacco ban targeted to start next summer.

The goal of the ban is to create a smoking-free culture on campus. SU officials cited second-hand smoke, health concerns, campus cleanliness and public opinion as reasons for the policy. The university is still in the process of hashing out the specific details of the tobacco ban, and will be releasing all the information once the policy is completed.

The policy is expected to be ready for public review by the first week of November, Patrick Neary, Graduate Student Organization president, said in an email.

“Updates will be provided to the campus community as the initiative continues to move forward,” said Brooke Levandowski, SU’s administrative consultant on this new policy, in an email. “We are happy to grant interviews when we are ready for the announcement.”

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