martes, 7 de octubre de 2014 – 5 de Octubre de 2014 – UK

Man injured in exploding e-cig horror

A MAN was taken to hospital with horrific injuries after his e-cigarette exploded.

Emergency services were called to Woodcock House, Scholes, at around 7pm on Wednesday to reports of a fire.

But upon arrival, firefighters found the man in his 40s seriously injured after the e-cig blast caused shards of metal to embed in his legs.

It produced so much force it actually blew out the lenses in his glasses.

Station Manager Ben Levy, who was in charge of the incident, said: “The gentleman was sitting on his sofa in his shorts smoking his e-cigarette.

“The e-cig became very hot and he threw it on the floor. It then exploded and a piece of metal went through the man’s leg, put a hole in a door and ricocheted off a wall. Another section of the e-cig wounded his other leg in the explosion.

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