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Alberta Health Minister Mandel talks e-cigarette regulation

The Alberta government will push forward with a ban on flavoured tobacco "as soon as possible" while also dealing with the use of "dangerous" electronic cigarettes, says rookie Health Minister Stephen Mandel.

During a meeting with Canada's provincial and territorial health ministers in Banff on Tuesday, Mandel said Alberta will move to restrict the sale of flavoured tobacco products as legislation passed in December 2013 awaits provincial proclamation. The government says regulations are currently being developed but the inclusion of menthol cigarettes is being reconsidered.

"We've got to finalize the regulations. We're looking at doing that as soon as possible," said Mandel.

"There's always challenges with the different aspects of it but the important part is to make sure we focus on ensuring that those kind of products that could do damage to children are taken off the market as quick as possible and we'll make sure we do that."

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