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UA adopts policy to ban the use of tobacco products on campus

After years of discussion, the UA has announced that it will adopt a policy to ban the use of tobacco products on all UA property and campuses beginning August 15.

The current version of the policy proposal prohibits the use of tobacco, tobacco-related and nicotine-containing products like e-cigarettes at the UA. The policy is an attempt to improve the health of those working and studying on campus. The policy is also meant to keep the campus clean of the litter that is typically associated with the use of tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco.

Compliance with the policy will be encouraged by personal responsibility. UA students and faculty are encouraged to inform anyone they see using tobacco products on campus of the policy. Visitors on campus who are not in compliance with the policy may be required to leave. Students who are out of compliance will be referred to their college’s student representatives for educational resources. Employees and volunteers will be referred to their supervisors for appropriate action.

“The success of this Policy depends on the entire campus community and its members being willing to hold one another accountable. Whenever possible, concerns about tobacco and nicotine use should be respectfully addressed at the time such concerns arise,” the policy states.

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