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E-Cigs and marijuana: A problem in local high schools

STATESVILLE, N.C. -- Lunging and kicking, a 16-year-old student assaulted officers in Iredell County after not wanting to give up his E-cigarette, police say.

"We had to call for assistance for two other officers. Those other officers were also assaulted in the process of getting him in the vehicle," said Sgt. Marsha Bumgarner.

Bumgarner arrested 16-year-old Alan Grant after she says he fought with her and other deputies. Grant had an E-Cig at the school with an unknown substance on it.

"They're getting off the streets, they're bringing it in the schools, and they're passing it on the buses-- they're passing it in classrooms," said Bumgarner.

The E-Cig was sent to a state lab for testing. This marks the fourth potential case of liquid THC showing up on campus in the last year.

"It's becoming increasingly…a growing problem for us," said Bumgarner.

She says while minors cannot purchase E-Cigs, currently they are allowed to have them in their possession.

"They are virtually almost undetectable because they do not have the same smell as marijuana when it is being smoked," said Bumgarner.

Bumgarner says she would like to see North Carolina lawmakers ban the possession of E-Cigs to those under 18.

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