martes, 7 de octubre de 2014 – 5 de Octubre de 2014 – Australia

Tobacco giant British American in push to make e-cigarettes 'medicine' in Australia: health advocates concerned

Tobacco giant British American has been lobbying the Therapeutic Goods Administration to introduce an electronic cigarette into Australia, describing it as a "medicine".

The information emerged in documents obtained under Freedom of Information laws by the ABC.

Health advocates are worried that allowing big tobacco companies into the e-cigarette market could unleash a wave of seductive advertising that would lure young people into taking up the habit.

Electronic cigarettes are a multi-billion-dollar business overseas, but in Australia they remain largely unregulated and legally contentious.

Long-time tobacco opponent Professor Simon Chapman, from Sydney University, said describing e-cigarettes as medicine was "Orwellian" and destructive to society.

"That's the only word I can think [of] that's apposite here," he said.

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