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Harvey Co. Health Department talks e-cig regulation in work place

NEWTON, Kan. --- As Overland Park becomes the first in Kansas to ban e-cigarettes in public places. This has other cities in Kansas talking about regulation. Last year in Newton High School banned e-cigs from its campus because students using the products in class. The Harvey County Health Department says they have businesses interested in possibly banning them in the work place.

As E-cigarettes rise in popularity, so does the talk of regulating them. Right now in Kansas it's legal to smoke indoors. That's why Harvey County Health Department is helping businesses as they decide to prohibit them in the work place.

"Any of them that are interested in adding e-cigarettes to their indoor bans we'll be helping them get their policies worked out," said Lorrie Kessler, Harvey County Health Department Chronic Disease Risk Reduction Coordinator.

A few businesses have expressed concern about the movement. "I think part of it is because they are concerned with the health of the people that are inhaling the vapors around them," said Kessler.

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