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Lethal Lure: tobacco prevention & policy campaign

Duluth, MN ( --- The American Lung Association has launched a new campaign focused on the dangerous lures of young people to tobacco use.

In the past year the ALA, along with a group called Iron Range Youth in Action, have been conducting audits of establishments that sell tobacco products.

The number of advertisements, types of tobaccos, and product placement, were among the things the auditors looked at.

ALA officials say raising awareness about strategies used by the tobacco industry to lure younger people into use of their products, is key to preventing use in the future.

"And we want to raise that awareness because the tobacco industry has shifted their marketing strategy since the master settlement and some of the restrictions have been put on them around advertising," said Dir. of Tobacco Prevention & Control Pat McKone.

With the information gathered from the store audits, the American Lung Association will develop an educational toolkit to help youth resist tobacco at the point of sale.

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