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Electronic Cigarettes: Not as harmless as many once thought

A popular device marketed as a safer alternative to smoking may not be living up to it's claim. 

Electronic cigarettes have quickly gained popularity. But, because they are relatively new, very few studies have been done looking into any possible side effects.

That is until now. 

Zack Douglass has been trying to help his parents quit smoking for years.

"They've been smoking for almost my whole life and it's not healthy," he told us.

One option he's considered is the use of electronic cigarettes.

"I guess they are generally better and healthier than actual cigarettes," he added.

But some doctors are now saying they may not be as harmless as people once thought they were. 

Some doctors say new findings from recent studies show vapor coming from the e-cig often times have several chemicals. Studies show those chemicals to be formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, isoprene, and acetic acid, among others.

Although the chemicals are emitted at lower rates when compared to traditional cigarettes, traces of nicotine were also found in the vapor.

Several doctors are still looking into the possible side effects people using e-cigs may develop over time. 

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10

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