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Filipino children still exposed to tobacco ads despite ban

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MANILA - Children continue to see tobacco advertising despite a marketing ban prescribed by Republic Act 9211 or the Tobacco Control Act. The law, enacted in 2003, prohibits the advertising of cigarettes in various forms of media and in stores where tobacco products are being sold.

“Ten years after the implementation of the law, you can still see posters of tobacco products all over sari-sari stores where children often go to buy candy or run errands. They may not be exposed to cigarette ads in the movies or on television, but sari-sari stores have become a haven for tobacco companies to promote smoking,” said Emer Rojas, Global Cancer Ambassador and President of NewVois Association of the Philippines (NVAP), in a news release

Rojas said aside from posters displayed at sari-sari stores, some retail establishments have their signage made by tobacco companies that also bear the name of their products. These displays, according to him, send a strong signal that influence children to take up smoking at a very early age.

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