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UNO goes smoke-free, bans use of tobacco products on campus

NEW ORLEANS -- The University of New Orleans will join the growing number of smoke-free college campuses in Louisiana.

Beginning Aug. 1, UNO, in compliance with state law that requires all public colleges and universities to implement smoke-free policies, will ban smoking and tobacco use on the Lakefront campus.

“The University of New Orleans is committed to providing a healthy and comfortable environment,” UNO President Peter Fos said. “We understand that this initial awareness phase is important in building understanding of the new policy and encouraging compliance. We are confident of the immediate and long-term benefits for our faculty, staff and students.”

Under the new policy, smoking or the use of any oral tobacco products will be prohibited from all university buildings and anywhere on university grounds, including sidewalks, parking lots, fields, walkways and recreational areas.

The policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, contractors and visitors.

The University of Louisiana-Lafayette announced plans to go smoke-free in June. In May, LSU also went smoke-free.

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