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NATT Cautions African Governments Against Tobacco Lobbyists

The Network for Accountability of Tobacco Transnational (NATT), has asked African governments, to be alert of the ploy of tobacco industry lobbyists at the October conference on economic-viability alternatives in Moscow.

NATT, a coalition of more than 100 organizations in 50 countries gave the advice in a release through the Vision for Alternative Development (VALD), a non-governmental organization in Ghana.

The meeting would be the sixth session of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Conference of Parties (COP6) for support for economically-viable alternatives to tobacco farming.

The NATT said the tobacco industry intends to use its front group, the International Tobacco Growers Association (ITGA) to influence the talks since it had attacked Article 17 of the FCTC at a previous meeting.

It said at a meeting of the ITGA Africa Region in Harare, this year, its President Francois Van Der Merwe advocated that the organization should be given a slot at the COP6.

The release cited the example of the Uganda Tobacco Growers Association (UTGA), which wrote to the Ugandan parliament demanding the removal of clauses that prohibit partnerships and endorsements with tobacco industry.

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