martes, 29 de julio de 2014 – 28 de Julio 2014 – Uganda

Time to snuff out tobacco growing in Uganda

Right from colonial days, West Nile and the kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara have been the major tobacco growing regions of Uganda and in the West Nile region, Terego County - where I come from - was the center of tobacco growing. The re­gional BAT Leaf Factory was until recently located at Wandi which is my village; so tobacco growing as a cash crop is as familiar to me as coffee is to a Mugisu.

 was a smoker, on and off, from 1967 when I was a fresher at the University of East Africa, Makerere, until 1987 when I was a Visiting Fellow at Oxford Univer­sity. I must confess, although I joined the smoking club due to peer pressure and because it was fashionable those days for young men to smoke, I enjoyed this rather dangerous and useless hobby. So when I castigate smoking and tobacco it is from a position of strength as an enlightened consumer.

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