martes, 15 de julio de 2014 – 12 de Julio 2014 – India

In an attempt to scare smokers, India urges tobacco companies to print cost of tobacco products in large font

New Delhi: The highly expected Finance Budget of the year came out yesterday. Apart from the budget, the daily chores of Arun Jaitley was made known to the people by our news channels. As Arun Jaitley’s car took left, the news channels shouted that it is a budget for the communists. And when it overtook a common man, they said that the budget is against the common man.

Leaving aside the other points presented on the budget, one of the points which caught the attention of youth and old men alike and gave heart attacks to a few were the probable rise in the tobacco products with their hike in excise duty. Many of the listeners including prospective future financial experts on News channels debates were confused over why the rise in exercise duty will reduce smoking.

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