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Is Chewing Tobacco Really a Performance-Enhancing Drug in Baseball?

A while back, Bob Klapisch of The Record of Bergen County (New Jersey) discussed smokeless tobacco in baseball on The Dan Patrick Show, making comments about how smokeless tobacco was, in fact, a type of performance-enhancing drug.

Did I, in my time as a player, ever see anyone get any kind of performance gain thanks to smokeless tobacco? Did I feel I was forced to compete against players who, in their bravery or ignorance, put a vicious blend of chemicals in their system to get an edge, thus challenging me to do the same or be left in the dust? Did a pinch of cherry Skoal make players any better? Was there a case to be made and, if so, could I make it because it would be a great story!

My first reaction: “Come on, we’re talking about dip here, not cocaine.”

Yes, I’ve seen players do cocaine. I knew players who kept little vials of "powder" in an Advil bottle. Unlike the old Nolan Ryan Advil commercials of the '90s, you pop a little of what’s in that bottle and you will be ready to go nine more innings.

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