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Tobacco firms adopt tactics of ‘Dr Evil’ in battle against tougher regulation

Britain’s leading cigarette manufacturers are attempting to open a new front in their fight against tougher regulation.

Tobacco companies are backing a new organization that launches this week to push the message that drinkers and fast food fans will be the next targets of health campaigners if smokers’ freedoms are not respected.

Action on Consumer Choice (ACC) is closely modelled on the Centre for Consumer Freedom (CCF) in the US, a hugely powerful organisation funded by tobacco firms and fast food chains that was the brainchild of Richard Berman, one of Washington’s most successful – and notorious – lobbyists. Berman has argued against an initiative to lower the blood alcohol content limit for US drivers, claiming that stricter limits would punish those who drink responsibly. His various lobbying efforts have earned him the sobriquet “Dr Evil”.

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