lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014 – 20 de Noviembre de 2014 – Australia

Tasmanian tobacco bill to ban smoking for youth

The Tasmanian government is considering ruling out banning tobacco sales to people born after 2000.

Independent Legislative Council member Ivan Dean was preparing the private member's bill and said the aim was not to penalize the young smoker but to clamp down on the supply side.

The 2000 Smoke-Free Generation initiative had secured the backing of Tasmania's independent upper house, the Legislative Council and will be scrutinized by the state government.

The initiative, brought to Australia by a University of Singapore academic, meant that those who turn 18 in 2018 would be unable to purchase cigarettes.

Penalties would be imposed on anyone caught supplying tobacco to the "tobacco-free generation" whether a retailer or an individual.

The necessary legislative change would require an amendment to the Health Act.

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