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SDSU Study Examines Benzene Content of Hookah Tobacco

A recent study out of San Diego State University has discerned that second hand Hookah smoke releases the toxic chemical benzene; a chemical which has been shown to have association with an increased risk for developing leukemia. Health experts also advise that since hookah tobacco is often flavored, people might inhale more of it than usual, which severely increases that risk.

In order to get more concrete evidence, though, researchers looked more closely at the urine of more than 100 hookah smokers—which are easy to find in San Diego. In the urine, they are looking for elevated levels of SPMA, an acid created as a byproduct of benzene metabolism.

Worse, SPMA was also present in at least 100 nonsmokers who were exposed to hookah smoke; but the average active hookah tobacco smoker had benzene levels as much as 30 times higher than the level of those who were only exposed to second-hand hookah tobacco smoke.

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