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Artists join hands to fight tobacco use among minors
Several Ugandan artists have joined hands to fight the use of tobacco to save the young generation from the negative health, environmental and economic effects associated with the practice.

The artists with the help of a social enterprise, Text To Change (TTC) have formed a web page dubbed “Wall of Fame” that comprises of celebrities such as members of parliament, radio personalities, actors and journalists with a purpose to influence the youths and school going children to desist the use of tobacco in their daily lives because of its health related problems.

“These are the people who the young generation looks up to as role . We want them to use their platforms to change the

behavior and practices of the youths towards tobacco use,” Patrick Mujjuka, a radio presenter explained.

Mujjuka said artists are struggling to have a tobacco free environment.

Artists including Ruth Wanyana, Sam Gombya and his wife Sophie Gombya among others also want to put pressure on parliament to speed up the passing of the bill to save the country from the economic and health related side effects associated with the tobacco use.

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