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Four Steps to Kick the E-Cig Habit

E-cigarettes look techy and space age, so it is fairly easy to think the hype that e-cigs are safer than smoking is true. Unfortunately, they are not. E-cigs are just another method of putting an extremely addictive substance — nicotine — into your body.

Online stores, like E-Cig Twigg’s Best Picks, sell e-cigarettes in a plethora of flavored liquids. Menthol, java, cherries, vanilla and yes, even tobacco flavored are just a few of the products which can entice children to give e-cigs a try. Battery-powered, the devices are made to look and feel like real cigarettes. Using cartridges topped off with a liquid that holds nicotine, flavorings and other chemicals, an e-cig uses a heating device to turn the liquid into a vapor which is then inhaled. “Vaping” is the term used.

Since there’s no tobacco in e-cigs, people don’t get the same amounts of carbon monoxide and tar as they would otherwise. An unhealthy does of chemicals does wait for anyone that wants to use an e-cig. So, what’s the danger if there’s no tar and carbon monoxide? While e-cigarettes don’t top off the lungs with harmful smoke, that doesn’t make them a healthy alternative.

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