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Tobacco Danger Video Has Warning from Tony Gwynn

Weak from the oral cancer that would kill him, Tony Gwynn found enough energy to provide a warning for a video aimed at convincing baseball players to avoid smokeless or "spit" tobacco.

Gwynn, 54, a San Diego Padres star for two decades, died June 16 from salivary cancer. He had attributed his cancer to his decades' long use of spit tobacco, where a pinch of tobacco is kept between the cheek and gum.

Weeks before his death, Gwynn contributed a statement for a video produced by the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society. He was too weak to speak for the video so the voice belongs to someone else, but the warning belongs to Gwynn:

"If you aren't using spit tobacco, please don't start. And if you are using, try to quit. If not for yourself, then do it for the people you love."

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