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Sarandon: Tobacco is a recipe for bad 

Susan Sarandon warns that too much of anything will take its toll on your looks.

The 67-year-old actress is used to people quizzing her on her beauty secrets as she looks so youthful for her age. She insists there is no one major thing she does to boost her appearance, instead trying to take into consideration the impact all her life choices will have on her body.

"Well, number one, these days there's a lot of women who don't' look like you thought 67 was going to look so I'm not so unusual. A lot of it is down to being happy and staying curious and keeping a sense of humour," she told British magazine Hello!. "But my main advice would be, first of all, don't smoke - or rather, don't smoke cigarettes. I'm down with cannabis but tobacco is the worst for the skin. And apart from that, just practice moderation because too much of anything takes its toll. Not too much sun, not too much alcohol, not too much food..."

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