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Anti-tobacco lobby protests cigar-smoking robot in Transformers

Transformers Age Of Extinction Cigar

Tobacco control campaigners in China on Monday protested against smoking in the movie Transformers, a film which broke the country's box office records.
In Transformers: Age of Extinction, Hound, a major character, is seen with a cigar in his mouth, which campaigners say has a bad influence on the audience, especially teenagers, in a letter to the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.
Non-government organizations such as ThinkTank, Nature University, and the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control were among those who raised the issue.
The movie was harmful because of its smoking scenes, said Li Enze, a Beijing lawyer engaged in anti-smoking advocacy.
The campaigners asked the administration to "examine and limit" the number of smoking shots, and require all cinemas to run anti-smoking advertisements before the movie.
In 2011, the administration released a circular on smoking in movies and TV plays. Since then, the CATC has released daily reports, granting a "Dirty Ashtray Award" to the movies and TV plays featuring the most smoking, such as blockbuster movie Let the Bullets Fly.
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