miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014 – 5 de mayo de 2014 – EEUU - Michigan

Pro/con: Use Michigan's existing tobacco laws to cover e-cigarettes (guest column)

Minors should not be allowed to purchase e-cigarettes. On this point, vast majorities of legislators and the public agree. The bigger question is: How should regulation about e-cigarettes be put in place?

The Michigan Legislature is wrestling with this issue right now.

The simplest way to prohibit the sales of e-cigarettes to minors is to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products. That would allow the state to regulate e-cigarettes under existing tobacco-related laws in Michigan that make sales to minors illegal.

Classifying e-cigarettes as tobacco products is appropriate: The liquid vaporized from an e-cigarette includes extracts from tobacco leaves. That extract includes nicotine, the addictive substance that keeps users coming back for another “vape.” The extract has also been shown to contain substances found in tobacco — such as nitrosamine, which is known to cause cancer.

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