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Everything you need to know about the FDA’s proposed e-cig regulations

The United States Food and Drug Administration officially published today it’s 241-page long proposal for regulating the sale of e-cigarettes. The entire document is available on the Federal Register site for you to peruse as you please, but that’s a lot of information to take in, so we’ve put together this quick overview to give you the gist of the proposal and the impact it might have on e-cigarette users.

What the proposed rules would change

First and foremost, the rules would extend the statutory definition of “tobacco product” to include categories of products that are not currently regulated under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and Tobacco Control Act. The new definition would be extended to include things like “dissolvables, gels, hookah tobacco, electronic cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco.”

Components and parts of tobacco products (but not their related accessories) would also fall under the scope of this proposed rule. This means that the sale of things like filters, rolling papers, tubes, pouches, flavorings, flavored hookah charcoals, and e-cigarette cartridges would be more tightly regulated by the federal government, rather than simply being left up to individual states to regulate.

The proposed rules also include provisions that allow the FDA to regulate future tobacco products that haven’t even been invented yet. The agency envisions that there could be future tobacco products absorbed through the skin or mouth, for example.

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