martes, 22 de abril de 2014 – 21 de abril de 2014 – EEUU

Nebraska’s first tobacco-free campus, four years later

Just over four years ago, Mid-Plains Community College became the first public post-secondary institution in Nebraska to enact a policy declaring that all of their college campuses would be entirely tobacco-free.

The MPCC Board of Governors approved the implementation of a tobacco-free policy for its campuses at its March 2009 meeting. They felt that the educational mission of the college could be expanded to include the benefits of a tobacco-free environment, which would promote health and wellness by assuring clean air as an overall benefit for students, employees, and guests who visit the College. The board felt the move would also improve the visual appearance of the College and it would send a consistent message prohibiting the use of all tobacco products on all MPCC owned or leased property, including residence halls and vehicles.

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