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Rutgers Affiliates Examine Tobacco Sales in Pharmacies

Each year, the United States sees nearly 438,000 premature deaths, $157 billion worth of health-related costs and loss of labor linked to tobacco use, according to the American Cancer Society.

The American Pharmacists Association has stated that mass displays of cigarettes in pharmacies directly contradict the role of the pharmacy as a public health facility.

Although most hospitals and health facilities around the nation prohibit the sale of tobacco, many pharmacies carry tobacco and other potentially harmful products on their shelves.

Andrew Peterson, associate professor in the Rutgers School of Social Work, and Cory Morton, a former Rutgers doctoral student, sought to answer why many pharmacies carry addictive or unhealthy products.

Together, they conducted the first nationwide study analyzing the geographical distribution of pharmacies selling a number of products that they classified as addictive: tobacco, alcohol and lottery tickets.

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