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Manitoba moves to ban flavored

In an effort to curb youth smoking, the province will introduce legislation to ban flavored tobacco.

An amendment to the Non-Smokers Health Protection Act was tabled Wednesday by Healthy Living Minister Sharon Blady with the hope the ban comes into effect before the summer.

“Candy, chocolate, and fruit make tobacco much more attractive to children and youth and they make it more likely that kids will experiment with tobacco and get hooked,” she said at an announcement held at West Kildonan Collegiate. “It is time that we remove these products from the shelves and help our kids avoid tobacco altogether.”

The proposed amendment would ban flavored cigarettes, cigarillos, and cigars such as Prime Time, Backwoods, Bluntarillo, and Colts.

It would also ban flavored loose tobacco.

Menthol tobacco products, chewing tobacco, and snuff are exempt from the ban.

Current loopholes in federal legislation dealing with the size of the tobacco sticks allow companies to market the flavored tobacco in bright, colourful package to attract kids, explained the minister.

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