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Administration faces challenges in implementation of tobacco-free policy

While a new tobacco-free policy is set to take effect in fall 2015, Sacramento State faces challenges in the early planning and development of a comprehensive policy.

Director of Presidential Communications John Kepley said President Alexander Gonzalez realized the enormous impact a tobacco-free campus would present for the university’s administration and community, and decided not to implement the policy until then.

“There are a lot of challenges to implementing something like this,” Kepley said. “It’s a big change for the campus because there’s a lot of people that we need to communicate with and we need to figure out how it’s going to work out best.”

The major problems faced by administrators structuring the policy include informing students about the new guidelines and creating an enforcement plan. 

Kim Nava, director of News Services, said the university wants to make sure faculty, students and staff are well- informed about all the changes. 

The university has not yet decided how the policy will be enforced but wants to ensure the implementation works for the campus-community, Kepley said.

Luis Kischmischin, program manager of Hornets for a Healthy Hive said the organization will help the university by extensively informing students about the new guidelines once the policy is implemented in 2015.

“We will be continuing our efforts with Hornet for a Healthy Hive, through our public relations program,” Kischmischin said. “Informing our students through social media, tabling and help the university as they transition 100 percent.”

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