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Tobacco law has little impact on shisha business in Ajman

AJMAN // Ajman’s shisha cafe owners are reporting little impact on business, more than a year after strict rules governing the sale of tobacco were enforced.

Despite initial fears that the law would drive away business and force some cafes to close, owners said customers have embraced the new regulations, such as a ban on those under 18.

“I live in this country and I have to apply its rules. I don’t want to lose my business,” said Khaled Khalaf, 33. “I think they will apply the law step by step.”

Mr Khalaf, a Palestinian, had barred anyone under 18 from entering his cafe, which is in a commercial and residential building.

“In my cafe, there is a PlayStation for kids and I can’t allow them to enter and play because it is forbidden.

“Most of my income and profit comes from shisha customers, but if my cafe does not comply with the laws I have to change it from shisha to non-shisha.

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