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‘Voice of Tobacco Victims’ asks Punjab govt to make cigarettes costlier

CHANDIGARH: With Punjab cabinet deciding to take a relook at the value added tax (VAT) structure in Punjab last week, 'Voice of Tobacco Victims', which is an anti-tobacco campaign fighting against the menace of tobacco, has asked the state government to make cigarettes costlier.

"According to Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) India, about 24 lakh people in Punjab use tobacco and about 14 lakh use smokeless tobacco. Of these tobacco users, over 9 lakh will die untimely death due to tobacco and a major part of those dying from cancer will be tobacco users," said Punjab patron Dr Prahlad Duggal, in a memorandum to the government on Monday.

It is true that the state government earns lot of revenue from the sale of tobacco products. But the social and financial cost of so many deaths caused by tobacco is far greater than this revenue collected. It is also much more than the employment generated from tobacco industry.

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