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E-cig use in public may be prohibited

Electronic cigarette users may have to join tobacco users when it comes to prohibited use of the devices on city-owned property, depending on a vote by the Iowa City Council today.

If the council decides to pass the resolution, its next step could be extending the ban’s scope in the coming months.

Rick Dobyns said the Council is trying to determine if e-cigarettes could fall under the Iowa Smokefree Air Act, meaning that their use would be banned in places such as restaurants and clubs.

City staff first raised the issue informally at the Sept. 2 council meeting, under the recommendation of Dobyns and Director of Johnson County Public Health Doug Beardsley.

Dobyns said he supports the move to ban e-cigarettes on city-owned property, but he would, “entertain alternatives rather than enforcement for the second component, such as voluntary measures.”

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