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Ban scented, flavored tobacco: Union health minister to Rajasthan

JAIPUR: At a time when Rajasthan is finding it difficult to prevent people from consuming 'gutkha' even after imposing ban on it, a letter from Union health minister Harshvardhan suggesting a ban on flavored and scented tobacco put the state government in a fix.

In July 2012, Rajasthan government took the decision to ban gutkha. After the ban, ready to eat gutkha packets are not available in the market. But companies are selling it by segregating tobacco and other ingredients in different pouches. Tobacco users buy the pouches, mix them and consume the 'gutkha' mixture.

"Banning gutkha is a good decision but people are still consuming it by mixing flavored and scented tobacco with betel available in different pouches," said Dharamveer Katewa, secretary, Indian Asthma Care Society, Asthma Bhawan, Jaipur.

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