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Council to consider e-cig ordinance
CITY HALL — If you read articles written by numerous regional news outlets a few months ago, you might think that City Council already outlawed e-cigarettes.

In fact, the ordinance regulating e-cigarettes in the city by the sea will be considered by council on Tuesday.

The ordinance is fairly simple in that it essentially — with a few exceptions — treats the electronic smoking devices like traditional tobacco cigarettes, which are already heavily regulated in the city. It would also include the vaporizers under the definition of tobacco products for the purpose of City Hall’s tobacco retail license.

The battery-powered e-cigs, which deliver a form of nicotine and can mimic the feel of traditional cigarettes, are being marketed as a healthier, less difficult way to kick the tobacco habit.

Currently “vaping” is allowed anywhere in the city, including inside bars and restaurants.

The ordinance, as proposed, would ban smoking in vaping lounges, with the exception of the two already in existence — Fix Vapor on Main Street and Vapor Delight on Lincoln Boulevard. They’ll be required to have proper ventilation systems so they don’t bother the neighboring businesses.

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