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New Tobacco Regulations Take Effect In Pittsfield

New tobacco regulations aimed to curb youth smoking and reduce second-hand smoke in public areas went into effect today in the city of Pittsfield, Mass.

The regulations enacted by the city’s Board of Health ban tobacco in city-owned parks, set a minimum price for single cigar sales and aim to reduce the number of tobacco sales permits in Pittsfield. The city banned tobacco products in pharmacies in 2012. Under the new regulations, stores must sell at least two cigars at a time in their original packaging, but single cigars can be sold at a minimum price of $2.50. Gina Armstrong is the city’s public health director.

“The cheap cigars are really marketed to kids in that they’re candy and fruit-flavored,” Armstrong said. “So it introduces them to tobacco products and to the possibility of establishing habits that will lead to lifelong addiction of nicotine. They’re considered to be starter products.”

Ann Shacar co-owns Wahconah Package & Variety store. She says the cigar regulations won’t work.

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