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We Need Stricter Tobacco Law In Nigeria – Erameh

Why the interest in Tobacco Control Bill?

Our interest in this bill is that it should not just get passed as soon as possible but also the executive bill which we believe is a more comprehensive bill should actually get to be harmonized with that of the private-member sponsored bill. The provisions in this bill actually contain far reaching exceptions which we believe will go a long way in being a veritable control tool for distribution as well as manufacturing of tobacco in the country.

We believe too that the media has a crucial role to play considering the fact that the media is a good source of information dissemination as well as formation of public opinion across the society. On the other hand, we are not so insensitive. We also know that smokers also have the right to smoke but we on the other side believe that inasmuch as they have their own right, non smokers’ right should also be protected. So we actually feel for the tobacco industry but we as advocates believe strongly that the control of this tobacco should come into immediate force.

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