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AL sees rise of nicotine poisoning alongside e-cig popularity

UNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - They are said to be healthier than cigarettes - even a step on the way to quitting altogether.

But that popularity is also the reason the Alabama Poison Control Center said they have seen an increase in nicotine poisoning.

Between 2010 and 2013 there were 23 cases. So far in 2014, that number has tripled to nearly 70 reported cases. The center said the majority of those cases are children.

"They are candy-flavored and sweet-flavored so it looks like candy," explained Dr. Tim Howard.

Children aren't just ingesting the fluid by drinking it; we are told many are simply getting the concentrated nicotine on their skin. Depending on the type of fluid and the age of the child, just a few drops absorbed into the skin can make them sick.

Dr. Howard said the side effects can range from vomiting to seizures, and even death. Still, he said e-cigarettes are a better option when used correctly and kept out of reach of children.

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