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AR Surgeon General Pushes for E-Cig Indoor Regulation

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Arkansas' surgeon general says he supports increased regulation of so-called "e-cigarettes" after a World Health Organization study on potential health harms of indoor exposure to vapors.

Dr. Joe Thompson says adding "e-cigs" to the Indoor Clean Air Act of 2006 should be up for discussion when the next general assembly convenes at the state capitol in January.

"E-cigs are a new nicotine delivering vehicle and I believe they should be treated just like cigarettes," Thompson says. "The addiction is as strong as cocaine, the potential damage, we don't know."

Tyler Treadway manages Rock City Vapes in west Little Rock. He said Wednesday that additional regulation is not something the "vaping" community is necessarily opposed to.

"We're fine with a lot of the regulations they want but there are some that don't make any sense like labeling us a tobacco product," Treadway says. "There's no tobacco used in anything we have."

Treadway says his primary concern is with the Food and Drug Administration which has yet to rule on the combination of four ingredients in "vaping" devices.

"Depending on what the FDA says, it could be a lot of new businesses, just getting started, out of business," Treadway says.

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