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E-Cigarette Smoke Contains Harmful Toxins

Top researchers with the University of South Carolina (USC) discovered levels of nickel and chromium in e-cigarette smoke, toxins not found in traditional cigarette products. Most experts agree that electronic cigarettes are in fact a healthier choice over regular cigarettes, primarily because they contain far fewer chemicals. Even so, they still emit dangerous toxins according to data gathered from this study, which was published in the Journal of Environmental Science, Processes and Impacts.

Ever since e-cigarettes were introduced, scientists have been studying related secondhand smoke and what they found was an overall decrease in exposure to harmful particles but even better, nearly no exposure to organic carcinogens. However, harmful metals were significantly higher when compared to standard cigarettes.

According to the author of the study but also a professor of Viterbi School of Engineering at USC, Constantinos Sioutas, the study demonstrates that electric cigarettes may appear to be a less harmful choice for smokers but there is definite concern considering the higher levels of nickel and chromium.

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